Limerick by Abirr n’ Nanki embodies a unique aesthetic where design rhymes with art to create timeless pieces for the new-age woman. The vibrant theatrics of modern sensibility and feminine sartorial style come to life through each Limerick creation. Every swell, arc and curve is exquisitely executed with an attention to detail – right from the meticulous thread work to the patterned textures. Sumptuous fabrics, painstaking hand- embroideries and fluid silhouettes lie at the heart of the Limerick design philosophy. The construction of each garment epitomizes the perfect harmony of versatility and surrealism.

Abirr n’ Nanki

Under the creative direction of Abirr and Nanki, Limerick has created beautifully handcrafted collections which effortlessly fuse meticulous tailoring with exquisite design. With Abirr as the business head and Nanki as the creative half of the team, they have mastered both the worlds of commerce and art.

A New Design Experience

Their foster mothers may not even have had an egg in the incubator, as was the case with Sola, who had not commenced to lay, until less than a year before she became the mother of another woman’s offspring. But this counts for little among the green Martians.

Focus On User Experience

I was soon appraised of the subject of their conversation, as, calling to Sola, Tars Tarkas signed for her to send me to him. I had by this time mastered the intricacies of walking.

Driving My Fleet Air Craft High

On either side of this opening the women and the younger Martians, both male and female, formed two solid walls leading out through the chariots and quite away into the plain beyond.